Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Creativity without deadlines...now that's good for the soul, right?  There's a lot on my plate right now, with portrait and wedding photo editing (yay Kyle and Kyla!!) catching up after summer trips, and general autumn busyness.  But I think it's during those busy times when we need to make sure and feed our hearts, so we have something to offer!

So yesterday I wandered in my garden a little bit and appreciated some pretty details.  Things are shutting down as the the calendar moves toward fall, but the garden still has a lot to offer if you can take joy in the little things.  Join me?  :)

Asters...fall garden trademark.

The yellow pear tomato just keeps bearing...I could probably have filled a five-gallon bucket with them all.

ORANGE.  So obnoxious.  But I love it. 

Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa)

Lavender...never can get enough of it...

Pink morning glory, new to my garden this year

And the ubiquitous massive blue morning glories.  Pretty sure these are a necessity to life.

Lastly, my favorite...hydrangeas.  Especially in late-summer when they turn different colors.

OK.  I feel better.  Back to the "real" photo work now.  :)

- Kelsey

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