Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Missy and Tyler - the wedding!

Last Sunday, Missy and Tyler were married!  It was a lovely celebration at the Purple Orchid Inn, full of late-afternoon sunshine, warm wishes and prayers from family and friends, a charming olive orchard, and Missy's favorite flowers -- daisies!

I wish I could completely convey the warmth and genuineness of this couple and their family.  Sometimes I just felt like putting the camera down and enjoying the moment.  I've done my best to portray it in photos...but it was a heartwarming experience to be there and be a part of their day.  Such wonderful people.  :)


Walking his daughter down the aisle...

Such a pretty outdoor setting, and perfect weather too!

In the olive orchard

Dancing with her grandpa

There are a couple more night-time photos I really, really want to share...but I'm still working through the collection and haven't finished them yet.  Stay tuned... :)

Missy and Tyler, it was a privilege to photograph your day...may your life together be full to overflowing of Jesus' love and joy!

- Kelsey

Discovering beauty... 
Kelsey Schweickert  |  San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A wedding in the Colorado mountains - Thomas and Jessica

What's better than an outdoor wedding?  An outdoor wedding in the mountains!

I took a quick trip to Colorado recently to photograph Thomas and Jessica Ciaramitaro, who got married at Treasure Mountain Bible Camp near the town of Marble.  They've both worked at the camp for a few years (they met here) and the mountains made a stunning backdrop for their warm, family-filled wedding day.

Thomas has been a friend ever since he was...well...let's just say it was such a long time ago that I used to carry him around and watch him and my younger siblings play in the sand together at Del Valle reservoir.  Our families have shared many of the ups and downs of life and had lots of goofy adventures together (high-altitude pancake-flipping contest, anyone??).

It was tremendously special (and yes, just a teeny bit funny) to photograph this wedding!  We had a grand time doing their engagement portraits and the wedding was even better.
I love seeing Thomas and Jessica together.  She's sweet, relaxed, adventuresome, and a lot of fun to be with, and the two of them complement each other perfectly. They're clearly best friends for life!

(Did I say adventuresome?  Most should have seen these two pull off their shoes and wade through the creek for this photo!) (And yes, I was standing knee-deep in the creek right about was worth it!)

Jessica really wanted to get married in cute boots.  So Thomas surprised her with these...she was delighted.

Getting ready for that waterfall photo above.  Oh yeah!

We rode up to the waterfall spot in Ruby, the camp truck.  (It was really, really bumpy in the back.  Just saying.)

Thomas and his mom

Plenty of personality here!  You really have to view this photo close-up to get the full effect...zoom in!

Hayride up to the ceremony spot

Outdoor reception...we are all so grateful for our answered prayers about the weather!  Here at 8600', the weather can change rapidly.  The forecast called for rain, but after a brief shower around 2pm, the weather was sunny with pretty clouds (as you can see) for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Then, not five minutes after Thomas and Jessica left, it began to pour!

Thomas and Jessica, may God bless you with many, many years of loving God and each other!

- Kelsey

Discovering beauty... 
Kelsey Schweickert  |  San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer