Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas...have some eggnog!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Want to try something yummy?  :)

I'm a little sensitive to sugar and dairy products right now, so coconut milk has become one of my new best friends.  This month I went on the hunt for a dairy-free, sugar-free recipe for eggnog...because without eggnog, Christmas just isn't the same!

This one is GOOD.  I've served it to family and guests these last couple weeks and it's been a hit!  And it's healthy toofull of protein, enzymes, and good fats, and the coconut milk gives it anti-viral/anti-bacterial properties too.  Not bad, hm?

Dairy-Free Eggnog

2 eggs (free-range organic eggs taste best and are the best for you!)
2 c. coconut milk (I made my own but you can use fresh/cannedjust make sure it doesn't have sweeteners or preservatives)
1-2 t. vanilla
2 T. maple syrup, honey, sucanat; or a few drops of stevia; or whatever sweetener you like, to taste
1/4 t. each nutmeg and cinnamon
pinch allspice

Blend all ingredients till very smooth (I use my Vitamix).  Put in a small saucepan and cook SLOWLY over low heat, stirring frequently.  Be careful not to let it boil or it will curdle and taste "eggy".  When it just starts to thicken, remove from heat and chill for several hours or overnight.  Serve with a sprinkling of nutmeg on top.

Enjoy!  :)  And may God delight your heart with special blessings today!

- Kelsey

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