Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pinon family portrait session

OK, I know I said the next post would be recent wedding photos, but these family portraits are way too cool not to share! :) This family session was a long time coming (like, months!), but we finally managed to find a time that worked for both our schedules -- a beautiful sunny afternoon just before Christmas.

You've already met the twins (see Dec. 31 post)...these girls were SO fun to photograph! They bravely did whatever I asked, including lying down on some rather damp grass/leaves for the photo in that earlier post. :)

This is Gabriel -- he was a big help holding the reflector for me! :)

Bella, an adorable little gal!

Isn't she cute?!

Her mom, can see where Bella gets her good looks! ;)

Both parents together...

All the kids

Bella and Gabriel with their mommy. Is this cute or what? :)

Here's what Angela told me when she saw the photos (quoted by permission)...
"You completely amazed me! My eyes were filled with happy heartfelt tears! I loved all of the pictures! You captured beautiful smiles & the true personality of each one of us! Once again thank you for your time & hard work!"

Isn't she sweet? :D I definitely enjoyed this shoot a lot...the entire family was great to photograph and just have fun with. And I'm super-happy with the photos we got!

Quick break in the editing tomorrow -- heading back to Tahoe with my family to check out some of that new snow at Sugar Bowl. Baby (err, that's my camera) will come along as usual, so if he gets to see some of the action you can be sure I'll share whatever comes of it. :) AND I really am going to post some of those New Year's wedding photos -- we got some amazingly beautiful images. All in good time! ;) For now -- good night, friends!

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  1. There is not a better feeling then happy clients! I love it! Great post, Kelsey!

  2. What a precious family! Kelsey the shutterbug captures family magic once again! :)

  3. Aw, thanks guys! :) It was a fun shoot for sure!