Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pretty Things

Sometimes when I pick up my camera, and I'm feeling random, all I want to do is just go find a pretty thing and take a pretty photo of it.  So last Sunday, that's what I did.  It was raining and in my mom's garden there was a beautiful pink tulip calling to me.  Here's what came of it...I hope these Pretty Things brighten your day.  Enjoy!  :)


Blueberry flowers...they'll be yummy blueberries later on :)

Raindrops on the tulip leaves


Pot marigold, a.k.a. Calendula

Mallow (yes, it's a relative of marshmallow!)

This delicate little flower has been cursed with the name "Elephant's Ears"...hehe...I guess because of its large leaves.

Mandarin oranges

This one cracks me up.  Mom has lots of iris.  But they don't stay in the same place while they grow; they're tubers and they grow longer and longer, sometimes away from the tags she's put by them.  Looks like this one has been growing away, and she isn't quite sure what it is..."purple/white?"  ;)

A solitary little snowdrop...

And the tulip that started this happy little shooting spree.  :)

If you just looked out the window, you wouldn't see a whole lot out there...but there is a lot of beauty to be discovered even in a tired, sleepy winter garden.  That's what I look for when I pick up my camera.  Beauty.  It's usually there to be found, you just have to do a little searching...and that's what I love to do!

That's all for now folks!  Enjoy the "pretty things" and have a lovely Thursday!

- Kelsey Schweickert

Discovering beauty...


  1. I swear you guys live in the Garden of Eden. Awesome photos!

  2. Ummm, so you inspire me friend. Seriously!

    Beautiful images!!

    Oh, and you also make me what it to be spring (there is snow on the ground right now)...

    - J

  3. Kelsey, thank you for blessing me with your lovely photos today!