Monday, March 7, 2011


I love flowers.  Anybody who knows me knows that.  But when it's raining...I really love flowers.  The colors come out more vibrantly than in the sunshine, and the rain scatters lovely jewels all over.

This morning it was sprinkling gently outside, and I couldn't resist heading out with my camera.  Who cares if in the process I ended up getting as wet as all these little bejeweled beauties...being out in the rain does a body good.  ;)

Crocus (I think this variety is named "Mr. Pickwick"!)

Rose leaves (yes, they ARE this purple right now)

An elegant calla lily about to unfurl...

Calla leaves

Tiny Forget-me-nots
Snowdrops...look at these little green dots on the petals.  So fanciful!
Blueberry flowers

And my favorite image of the day...delicate pea tendrils:

May you rejoice in the little things God sends your way today.  :)  Keep an eye out for His sense of whimsy too!

- Kelsey

Discovering beauty...

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1 comment:

  1. Kelsey, your pictures are so.very.gorgeous. Drop-dead gorgeous. Seriously. I LOVE them. Especially your ones of flowers. I take lots of pictures of flowers, but mine don't come out like this. ;)

    What lens do you use to take pictures of flowers like these? I'm curious. I'm thinking it might be your 85mm...

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Surely put a happy smile on my face!