Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yosemite workshop...part I!

We left my home Friday morning and headed for Yosemite, but we took our time getting there...because there were some beautiful almond orchards along the way.  I figured we'd be past the peak, but I was praying the Lord would keep some of the trees blooming for us.  And he did.  We spent a lovely half-hour in this orchard discovering beautiful things!



(Sorry, you know me, can't help a foot photo... ;)

We also hit In-N-Out burger, a requirement of Erin's.  And found some cute shadows to photograph.  ;)

It was sunny as we drove through the central valley, but the closer we got to Yosemite, the thicker the clouds got, till it was completely overcast by the time we reached the Big Oak Flat entrance to the park.  The place where you can normally spot Half Dome for the first time was totally cloudy.  No views.  But as we drove down towards the valley, the clouds began to clear...so we went straight to Tunnel View near Inspiration Point.  And what a view!!

Unpredictable.  That's landscape photography.  And any sort of photography, really!  You have to adapt to the situation, find the best light, expect the unexpected...essential skills for any photographic genre.  I love photographing landscape for a whole lot of reasons -- but one important reason is, it keeps my skills sharp!

It's funny, we talk about those "perfect sunny days", but clouds can make things way more interesting.  I love the mystery in these images.  (Oh yes, there's a future blog post here, the analogy's too good to pass by.........)

I had a blast working with each one who came!  Good times upon good times!  ;)  Here's Amanda, at the Tunnel View (where these last few shots were taken):

And we ended the day (and, err, started the next day) with some awesome night photography...next post!

- Kelsey

Discovering beauty...

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  1. Incredible photos. Love your capture of the fog/clouds rolling through with glimpses of the mountains in the backdrop. You have an excellent eye for the creative.

  2. Thanks, Evans! :) There's just nowhere like Yosemite!

  3. love these photos :) I especially love the blue sky in the orchard...so vibrant..:) and the picture Erin...great shot. She has such an awesome smile! :) And of course the feet gets 5 stars..hands down!!! :)

  4. Beautiful nature pics.....

    Very interesting.