Thursday, December 1, 2011

Margin. And some pretty autumn photos.

Here in the San Francisco bay area, winter comes although a pretty little Christmas tree is currently gracing my living room, it still feels perfectly natural to have pumpkins around and an orange-berried wreath on the front door!  (Uh-oh, decorating faux pas!)

The last month has been more full than any other month I can remember in years.  Mostly a good full.  I do love my work!  But creativity suffers when the schedule is crammed...can't be creative when my brain gets tired.

Much of this activity has been unavoidable.  Moving is a big undertaking (especially when you work out of your home), and work must go on, along with a lot of other commitments.  But it's only for a time.

As things have calmed down a little, I've been working on creating a little bit of "margin" in my life.  I can't work well if I'm frazzled and worn out.  Jesus promised he would give us rest if we come to him and "take his yoke" -- not being lazy or wasting time, but receiving real REST for our souls -- refreshment, talking with him, enjoying being with him, taking delight in the good things he's put in our lives, and yes, taking care of our physical needs like sleep and exercise.  He doesn't intend for us to take on more than we can handle. He's the one with the supernatural powers, not us!  :)

So on Thanksgiving weekend I wandered around outside for a while with my camera, taking in the pretty late-fall setting, letting my landscape-photog instincts come out and play.  I find it both relaxing and stimulating to wander like this...there's always beauty to discover, and this time of year it shows up especially in the little things.

Love the wavy edges of this calla lily leaf...

Fall = pomegranates!

Baby stock plants...they'll have beautiful, fragrant blooms next spring...

Chinese Forget-me-nots

Still a few little basil plants in my mom's greenhouse...

Purple asters spilling out of this big blue carefree...

Here's to enough "margin" in your life and mine...especially with the busy-but-wonderful Christmas season upon us!  :)

- Kelsey
Discovering beauty...

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