Friday, December 30, 2011

The Cox family

A few weeks ago I met this awesome family in Livermore for a double session—senior portraits for Tyler, and then family portraits!  We spent some time downtown, then headed out to Sycamore Grove park.

It was such a treat to photograph Lisa, Larry, and their three sons.  They are so genuine, down-to-earth, and pleasant to be with.  Not to mention that they're all natural posers—they're so comfortable in front of the lens, they could be a family of models.  Seriously!

Trey (I think he'll be modeling for Ralph Lauren soon...)

Tyler (senior portraits coming later!)

Trent has a fantastic camera smile.  Love it.

Lisa and Larry are such a great couple...wish I'd been around to photograph their wedding!  :)

And then the sun we photographed that too. :)  Thanks for the great session, Cox family! 

I'm still catching up on photo editing, but I'll post some of Tyler's senior photos when they're ready.  Have a great Friday, everyone!

- Kelsey

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