Monday, April 23, 2012


Welcome to another overdue blog post -- the tulips have long since finished blooming, but they were so stunning, they definitely deserve some air time!

To my mind, tulips are sheer luxury.  They don't really come back (except for a few varieties) and they cost a lot more per flower than a couple packets of seeds.  They don't last very long in cut-flower arrangements and even in the garden the blooms are rather delicate.  But they are such stunning flowers that we can't help but plant them every year...I'm quite happy eating oatmeal a little more often so I can save a few more dollars for tulip bulbs.  ;)  Spring isn't spring without the riot of extravagant color that tulips bring to the garden!


Such delicate, intricate striations on these petals...I'm sure there are no two alike in the world.

(Well, what can I say, the forget-me-nots were blooming nearby...and they asked very of course this sucker happily photographed them too...)

Ahhhh so pretty.  That just makes my heart happy.  Beauty is such an amazing thing for the soul!

Next up: senior session with the lovely Heather!  :)

- Kelsey

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