Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tali, Kathy, and some coaching time!

Last week my friend Kathy introduced me to her friend Tali, who was visiting from Washington.  Tali is interested in photography, so we got together for a little coaching...and Kathy modeled for us!  First we did a few portraits of Kathy, and then Tali; and then we downloaded the images and discussed post-processing.  It was fun to meet Tali and work with her -- I love teaching people who are so interested in improving their skills, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she continues to develop (err, no pun intended!).  ;)


Our cute model, Kathy!  Thanks for being so accommodating!  :)

What's a photo shoot without a foot photo...especially with her cute pedicure... ;)


And a couple more of Tali.  :)  Love how her brown eyes catch the light!


Next up, Heather's lovely senior session in Petaluma last Saturday, and some stunning tulips...yay spring!  :)

- Kelsey

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