Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jenny and Ryan - a pretty backyard wedding

Last Saturday, Jenny and Ryan and their families gathered in the grandparents' backyard, and tied the knot...both literally and figuratively!

This is a "Lovers' Knot", which Ryan tied and gave to Jenny during the ceremony for her to finish.  Ryan is a sailor, so this was apt! Apparently in the olden days, a sailor would tie this knot, leaving it loose, and send it to his sweetheart.  If she tightened the knot and sent it back, he knew she was his!

Beautiful backyard setting



Her "something blue": cute shoes!

I saw these redwoods in the front yard of Ryan's parents' home, and asked him if we could do his individual photos here. He told me that when he was a kid, he planted these trees!

Basil had an appropriate collar for the day...

Jenny and her precious grandma

Jenny and her dad, Doug

Ryan with his mother, Carol (obviously, gorgeous blue eyes run in the family!)


Check out that adorable baby bump!  Jimmy and Lisa (Ryan's sister) were married last fall, and I photographed their wedding.  They are going to be fabulous parents!!

Seafood...of course

Last photo of the day, near the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.
(Continuing the nautical theme...)

Ryan and Jenny, your day was beautiful...may it be just the beginning of many, many years of married bliss!  God bless you two!

- Kelsey

Discovering beauty... 
Kelsey Schweickert  |  San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer

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