Friday, February 19, 2010

Being a "featured soloist"... exciting, amusing, humbling, sometimes hair-raising...and lots of fun! :) I've been a member of the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra for two years, as keyboard player (piano/harpsichord) and sometimes French horn. Haven't missed a concert! This weekend was very friend Eri and I soloed in "The Carnival of the Animals", by French composer Camille Saint-Saens. It's a musical depiction of a whole collection of different animals, for two pianos and orchestra. With lions, cuckoos, donkeys, a swan, and even pianists, we had quite the musical menagerie! ;)

It's been very satisfying to play with an orchestra, after struggling with tendonitis for so long...twelve years ago I started experiencing pain in my wrists, and it gradually grew worse till it took away my ability to play (or type or anything involving my arms). But the last five years or so, my arms have slowly gotten better. I still can't practice much, but I can do enough for this! I'm so grateful the Lord has given this much back to me. Losing it was one of the hardest experiences I've ever gone through. But He knew what He was doing...and it was absolutely wonderful to have this chance to play with an orchestra this weekend!

Eri and I, at the Saturday night performance (thanks Chris!)


Flowers from Dad and Mom, after we finished

Moving from the sublime to the ridiculous (or not!) shoes.  I can't deny it, I really have a weakness for shoes.  (I mean, hey, Cinderella is proof that the right shoes can change your life. See?)

Next day...getting ready to go onstage before the Sunday night performance in the big Lesher Theater.  All I had was my cell phone but I couldn't help having some fun with its teeny little camera.  ;)

Chris took some photos from the balcony...

Afterwards Eri's two adorable sons, Taiga and Tony, each presented her with a rose :)

Annnnnnd a little more cell-phone-camera fun backstage, after we finished.

That's all for now!  :)  Next post,  back to business -- more engagement photos!

Discovering beauty...


  1. Kelsey, you're a knock out. ;-) Just sayin. ;-)

    I love The Swan!

  2. nice pictures!! I especially love the shoe one...and totally agree about shoes changing your life!!!

  3. You are so accomplished, Kelsey! And those ARE great shoes!

  4. Aww...thanks friends! :) It's God's grace all the way!