Saturday, February 13, 2010

Concert tonight!

I'll post later if I can...hopefully somebody in the audience can snag a photo or two.  ;)  If you're in Walnut Creek and you want to come to a fun concert tonight or tomorrow, check out this link!  Actually, check it out, even if you're not coming to the concerts -- the photographer who took the images on this website is ...ME.  ;)

More later.  After I treat my loyal fans to some ivory-tickling by a fabulous French composer.  Pray for my arms, if you can; all this practice is kinda getting to them....


  1. Kelsey, I wish I could hear you play! Praying it goes well for you!

  2. Hi Kelsey,

    I don't know if you remember me--I was one of your harmony students in '03 (Harmony I in Indy and the infamous Harmony II in Flint). I remember the trouble you were having with your arms then, and I'm so excited that you get to play this weekend! I hope it goes well for you and that your arms hold up.

    Rachel M. (Yes, Sarah M. is my sister...)

  3. Thanks, Ruthann! :D It went SO well, and I'm so grateful for the Lord's grace! He is faithful!

    Rachel -- Yes, I rememer you! Wow, those were the days... ;) Great to "see" you on here! My arms held up really well and I really had a ball tonight. PTL!!!