Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blake and Jae

On June 5th, Blake and Jae were married at a beautiful garden resort...and I was thrilled to pieces to be able to photograph their wedding!  :)  They are some of the most big-hearted people I think I've met.  I was really impressed by the care they took in planning their wedding so that all their guests would enjoy themselves.  They were constantly thinking of others...and it showed in all the details of their beautiful day.

What a fabulous wedding party!  Tons of personality... you can see.  ;)

Jenn (with Jae, below) and her husband introduced Blake and Jae to each other.  Awwwww.  ;)

I think this was my favorite photo spot of the day.  Simply magical.

As always...more later!  :)  I have a ton more that I can hardly wait to post...once they're edited.  I'm having a ball with Lightroom 3, by the way.  :D  The new improvements Adobe has made are just fantastic.  I am in awe of the new sharpening and noise reduction capabilities.  And the import dialog.  And the export dialog. And it's faster. And, and,'s just an amazing tool, now made even amazing-er!

Anyways, there are more photos coming, once Lightroom and I have worked our magic on the rest of the Raw files.  :)  Till then...have a lovely Sunday, everybody!

- Kelsey Schweickert

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