Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peter and Mandy

I'm finding it hard to choose favorites to share...there are so many of this happy couple!
Check out this pretty sepia one:

More later...

- Kelsey

Discovering beauty...

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Loveliness.... Don't choose... Just post in mass QTY!! :D

  2. oh Kelsey! you are amazing! :) I love it how you are gradually sharing them every now and then, cause I could eat them up...the photos of Mandy's wedding are so gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing more! You captured it so well...makes me HAPPY. Especially since I wasn't able to make it. :-/

    So, what do you charge to do a wedding? Can I book you now and make payments till then?!? {I don't know what 'when' is since there is no guy right now...but then it'd be paid for!!}

    Seriously, these are wonderful. I heartily agree with Kristina, "don't choose...just post in mass QUANTITY!!!"

    Thanks for sharing LIFE today, especially that of someone who has blessed my life in countless ways. =)

  3. Definitely -- I will be posting a bunch soon, IpromiseIpromiseIpromise! ;) I'm just trying to catch up and plan for the next couple weddings too! I keep thinking it will be "next post" but other things keep getting in the way. Hopefully tomorrow's post will have a whole lot more. :) And I have a slide show on the way too. Stay tuned!

  4. Oh, and Ruth Ann, sure...hehe! ;) Then when Mr. Perfect comes along, you'll be all ready!

    You're very welcome...it was truly a privilege to get to share in their happy day. :) They were one of the happiest couples I've ever seen, ever!!

  5. Kelsey, Kelsey, I concur... 'then I'll be all ready.' Haha. But you didn't let me know 'how much' that I should plan on saving up. Oh...but I forgot about things such as inflation,..maybe I *should* sign a contract without a date...ok, ok, maybe not. =)

    It'll all work out one day I'm sure! =)

  6. Oh yes, as to pricing, I figure we could cross that bridge when we come to it! ;) We could work something out, for sure!

  7. Kelsey, you dont actually know me,my name is Emmie Rose Dewar and I am 17years old, I live in western Australia, and we home school (we do a program called ATI/IBLP) anyway i was browsing through your photos and found the ones of Peter and Mandy's wedding, anyway i thought i would just let you know that is a very small world, because Mandy mum n dad (Mr and Mrs Novotny) came over to Melbourne one year in January to a ATI conference that we attended, so it was kinda cool when i saw Chardell, i thought to myself "I know that lady"...it was really amazing!! Just to find someone we knew on an American blog, that i had just found, my friend accidentally sent me one of your photos, thats how i found your blog....your an awesome photographer!!!