Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grace and the girls...and some detail images

So, in all frankness, I have to say...getting-ready shots with the girls can be kind of tricky...they don't want photos taken before they have their hair and makeup done, because they don't think they look their best, and often they have a gazillion things on their minds as everything winds up to The Ceremony!  ;)  But I think these girls were one of the calmest, happiest group of friends I've seen getting ready.  They were already glowing with happiness for their friend/sister and the hair and makeup only added to it!

Love the happy smiles.

Um, and slippers.  Those made us all smile too!

Grace's beautiful dress

The beautiful Elizabeth :D

I love shoes...and these were great...thanks for the fun, Grace!  :)

Steven and Grace's rings with Grace's veil (notice the size difference? so adorable!)

And we all love Maricruz and her playful smile!  :D

Grace's mother

Parting shot...the shoes again.  :)

I'll be away for a conference this weekend, but I have many more photos to post when I get back!  Till then God bless you all!

- Kelsey Schweickert

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