Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Slightly random post!

This morning I was doing some digital housecleaning, and found that I never posted the last few photos from the Yosemite Landscape Workshop last March.  I got sick in April and a whole lot of things went by the wayside...as you can see, only one blog post made it out that month!

So in an effort to mend my ways, here are those last few Landscape Workshop photos. :)  Enjoy!

Erin, on the snowy meadow boardwalk leading across the valley to Yosemite Falls

Sentinel Bridge

Erin again...because she's cute :)

Amanda, across the river at Happy Isles, hard at work with a rock-o-pod ;)

I love the bright green moss and the soft green-brown tones in the water and rocks.


Moss macro...there's such beauty in the tiny details.

Sometimes getting The Perfect Photo means getting into some interesting shooting positions... 

Pretty wildflowers along the road, on the way back to the Bay Area

Playing paparazzi in the grass...Bethany probably has a very similar shot of me... ;)

We finished our trip in San Francisco at the Bay Bridge, the Presidio, and of course Ghirardelli.  Here's a fun sight at the Presidio:

Yay for some really awesome photographers!  :)

Parting "Blue Hour" shot...I just love the light at this time of day...so much gorgeousness.

That's all for now, folks!  This weekend I'm excited to be photographing Byron and Rebecca's wedding in Canada, so stay tuned for highlights from that.  There's also a slide show in the works from another recent wedding and some new website developments that I'm *very* excited about...more on that soon!  :D

- Kelsey

Discovering beauty...

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