Friday, July 6, 2012

Dan and Julie's wedding

Dan and Julie were married on June 16 in the lovely Livermore garden of Julie's parents.  That Saturday was the hottest day this year, so far -- I think the high was 106F!  The couple was so happy, and we were all so glad to share their happiness, that the heat just didn't matter.  They have been planning this wedding for almost a year and a half and it was great to see how beautifully everything came together.

It was an honor to be asked by Julie and Dan to be their photographer.  I love being able to create photos for my family, knowing this is something they can treasure forever.  And it was fun to photograph a wedding where I knew three-quarters of the guests! :) (Looking forward to another wonderful family wedding in a couple months, my cousin Carla and her awesome fiance Kevin!)  Julie became my cousin when her mother married my dad's brother (who also has a daughter named Julie -- maybe great minds think alike?). It's a treat to share family ties with such a thoughtful, sincere person. Dan, you chose well!  You two are wonderful together!

As you can see, Julie has a knack for designing an event with perfect vintage elegance, down to the last pretty peony flower. She's amazing -- not a detail was left out, yet she was incredibly relaxed and calm. Planning a wedding is a supreme challenge and knowing Julie and Dan, it shouldn't be surprising that they put together a lovely day and were able to enjoy it!

Julie's mother Dianne and my uncle Jerry (below) were married at Ravenswood, a historic estate in Livermore, years ago.  So it was special to be able to spend an hour doing photos there before Julie and Dan's wedding -- in spite of the heat it was a great place to create some lovely outdoor portraits.


The flower dog, flower girl, and ring bearer!  (These guys are pros...I think it's the third time I've photographed them in a wedding...)

There were many poignant moments throughout the day as we remembered loved ones who have passed on. Julie and Dan's fathers and Jerry's first wife have passed away, and Julie carried this special remembrance of her father on her bouquet.

I love the way the light softens soon after the sun goes my favorite times in an outdoor wedding.

Florist: Anne Mendenhall
Site decor: Milk Glass Vintage
Cake: Cake Delight

There's another photo I can't wait to share -- we had a stunning sunset -- but I'm still sorting and editing and haven't gotten to it yet.  Soon. :) (See the previous post for one of the most amazing photos of the whole day!)
Julie and Dan, may you enjoy many, many years of married happiness, and may life's path bring you many joys -- all the sweeter because you get to share them together!

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  1. Wonderful photos! It was great to see all the smiling faces. I’m quite ecstatic myself for my daughter’s wedding this week. It’s going to be a wonderful ceremony at one of the beautiful Los Angeles venues and I hope that there’s going to be many photos with smiling faces in this wedding too.