Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SF with Joy

When a photographer friend from across the country tells you she's going to be in your area over the weekend, there's only one thing to do: drop everything and go have some fun!

Joy is originally from Chicago and now lives in Raleigh, NC.  It's not often I get to shoot with her.  So a few weeks ago my brother and I headed to San Francisco and spent the day with Joy, her husband Jamie, and their friend (and my new friend!) Jana.

Joy and I have been to China and Alaska together. Once you've experienced such epic trips with someone, you're friends for life -- no matter how infrequently you see each other!

We had lunch in Sausalito, took the ferry across the bay to SF, wandered around Fishermen's Wharf and Ghirardelli, and took the ferry back...and then because we'd been very, very good all day, we gave in to our urge to be crazy photographers and drove up to the north end of the Golden Gate bridge for some post-sunset photos.

(Many thanks to Chris, Jamie, and Jana for putting up with after-dark trudges up a closed roadway with a heavy tripod to get That Bridge Shot We Wanted.  It was worth it.)

Jana, Jamie, and Chris on the ferry

The sunset was thoroughly blah, but we waited for "blue hour" and made the most of it!  And yes it was rather chilly up on the hill while we waited...

But entirely worth the wait.  I love blue hour.  And I love making all the lights into little stars (f/8, for the rest of you photo wonks out there).

Then we took a rather interesting route to the freeway, thanks to Chris, careening down Lombard and Hyde not once but twice.  Since those moments are best experienced without a camera, I did.  And then we all went home and downloaded photos and grinned at all our memories of good times...  :)

Happy Thursday, everybody!

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  1. Such a fun day!!!! Thank you for being our SF tour guides :) Lombard St was AWESOME....twice! Haha! Yet another round of fun memories!

  2. Chris is an awesome guide, isn't he! :D I'm so happy we finally got to shoot SF together!

  3. So when are you coming running with me so that I can have some cool pictures in my blog?
    I love your pictures. ...most of them anyway. The wedding ones aren't really my style, but the outdoor shots are worth wading through the wedding dresses for.

  4. Haha, Scott...running with camera gear is a bit tough...but rent me a helicopter and I'm there! ;) Glad you like the outdoor shots. Weddings are my main work, but I love sharing the outdoor photos so people can enjoy them too!