Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brant and Jessica got married!

Hey everybody, sorry for the long LONG time since last post!  Am I going to sound terribly redundant if I say, "Things have been crazy"???  Sorry...they really have been crazy, unusually so, but I think they're finally slowing down a bit.  :)  And I have lots of photos to show you!

I had a lovely time photographing Brant and Jessica's Monticello, Iowa wedding today...the weather was cold but the people were delightful!  I'm downloading images at a Starbucks right now, and just couldn't wait to show a couple with you.

I saw these intense red doors yesterday -- and when we went there today the sun was in the PERFECT spot for a great photo.  Such a gift from my loving heavenly Father!  I love this shot!

Happy wedding party.  (And happy photographer.)  :)

Many more images are coming, of course, when I return home Monday...right now it's time to gather more of a certain item that has been in very short supply lately: sleep!  :)  Have a great Sunday, everyone!

- Kelsey Schweickert

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