Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brant and Jessica

I wish I could fully portray Brant and Jessica's gentle, loving hearts.  They are two of the most sincerely kind people I have ever met.  Being around them, you feel so accepted and loved.  They are deeply in love with each other, and with Jesus; and they care deeply for all the people around them.  It's been incredible to get to know them...I loved being able to be a part of their day.  :)

The elegant church in Monticello where the wedding was was a treat to photograph here!

I love how they look at each other.

Many more photos coming this week!  Stay tuned!  :)

- Kelsey Schweickert

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  1. I don't know Brant, but knew Jessica from a little girl. I've always been touched by her gracious humble spirit. We only made it to the reception @ the Camp. I LOVE the picture of them crossing main street! You definitely have a gift for taking pictures. thanks for sharing. DM

  2. Isn't she sweet? :) It was a treat to photograph such a gracious couple. Glad you like the photos! I'm posting more today!