Friday, August 27, 2010

A vineyard shoot

Just before I left for Mexico for Steven and Grace's wedding last week, I did a late-afternoon shoot for the owner of a small vineyard.  Glenn and his wife Linda grow three kinds of wine grapes at their gorgeous hilltop home in Danville.  (Talk about classy!)  Glenn takes meticulous care of everything and it's just beautiful.

I loved working with the colors...the bright green vines winding their way across the hillside, the warm brown of the shredded-bark ground cover, and the dusty-purple, pale green, and rose-colored grape clusters.  It's a lovely place to shoot, to start with, and the light was lovely too...I had a ball!  :)

I'm working thru the editing, so I'll be adding to this post tonight or tomorrow.  Stay tuned for more from the Glennhawk vineyard.  :)

- Kelsey Schweickert

Discovering beauty...

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  1. Sooo beautiful! Just image a bride & groom right in the middle of that vineyard?!? Amaaaazing.

  2. I know, Leah! Wouldn't that be heavenly! :D