Monday, October 18, 2010

Her Royal Highness

Meet Mesika, an adorable and rather privileged furry friend of mine who lives in Oregon.  ;)  She is a Golden Retriever/poodle cross, and quite the bundle of fun and smarts.  I'm not kidding, this dog is way too cute for her own good!  Check out these photos and see if you agree!

Mesika owns two humans, Janet Schultz and her daughter Emily.  (A third human also lives with Mesika, Betsy, but I don't believe she is owned by Mesika in quite the way the other humans are.)  My sister Heidi also lives in Oregon, where she works as a nurse.  So my camera and I visited this interesting crew the week before last, and after a discussion with Mesika, I have been graciously allowed privileges to post some photos of Her Royal Doggie-ness here.  ;)

Playing catch with Emily. (In which pastime Dog gets Human to throw Ball as long as Dog wants to. Humans are very trainable, you know.)

Pleeease?  Can you throw it for me now?

Goofy little dog. :) She's actually incredibly fast.


Emily, by the way, has an art studio that will be featured in an upcoming blog...I did some photo collecting there.  :)

- Kelsey Schweickert

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  1. such a cute dog!! :) I loved how you captured her running after the ball... :)

  2. what a sweet dog! I really enjoyed reading your post :)