Friday, October 22, 2010

Ten Lakes...or at least, three or four of them!

If you know me, you know I love Yosemite.  :)  And have spent a lot of time there.  This summer my family and I just did one backpacking trip, but it was a good one...and this time, no sprained ankles or thunderstorms, haha!

My camera loves these high-country trips, of course, but I've been so busy with weddings and such that I haven't done anything with the photos from this July trip.  Soo, I'm taking a quick break from photo-editing and album-designing to post a few!  Enjoy!

(There are many more images coming in a Facebook album...check my profile to see them soon.)

One of the many lakes in the Ten Lakes area.  (I think it should be called A Bunch Of Lakes 'cause I didn't count ten.)

On the trail with my mom

I think this cool flower is the "lettuce" that a few of us became addicted to photographing last year when I helped teach an IPS landscape workshop...Carl and Beth, you know what I'm talking about...

Reading "Waking the Dead", one of my favorite books by John Eldredge.

My trusty hiking pole!  (When you have a bad knee, this is an essential!)

Molly, Heidi, Nicole (mom) and Tom (dad).  (Chris couldn't make it this time -- he was in Mexico on a missions trip.)

One of my favorite wildflowers -- mountain columbine.  So delicate and whimsical.

I love the starry sparkles coming off the water here...

Lupine growing by the shore

Yummy cranberry oatmeal :)

Alrighty.  See this lake?  I'm going to jump in.

And swim to those islands.

So I did. And it was great.  :D  (And very cold. BRR.)

Star trails over the lake
(This is from the second night I did star can read about the first one here.)

A pine cone that some little creature had been on the outside, but hot pink inside!

After several days of hoofing it with heavy packs, this sign was truly a joy to behold... ;)

Check out the Facebook album for more...I'll be posting the rest today and tomorrow.  :)

Have a lovely Friday afternoon, everyone!

- Kelsey Schweickert

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