Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Peter and Evie's rings

I'm in Colorado right now, attending a business workshop by Jeff Jochum...and though I'm sleep-deprived and borderline sick and my brain hurts 'cause it's working hard, I'm having a ball!  :)  Jeff is a business genius with a very impressive resume and tremendous skill at dishing out tough love to all of us attendees.  We're all evaluating and analyzing and growing a lot.

In the midst of all this brain-exercising, I still wanted to get a blog post up and share these lovely shots of Peter and Evie's rings...Christmas light bokeh makes December weddings so much fun!!  :)

Evie's lovely bouquet...


And...I saved best for last.  :)  I love this image.  The combination of Christmasy and dreamy and magical and twinkly just makes me all happy inside.  It's so beautifully representative of Peter and Evie's wedding.

That's all for now!  Back to brain-frying with Jeff and my compatriots.  ;)  It's been a great day and tomorrow is going to be even better!  God bless your day, too, whatever's in it!  :)

- Kelsey Schweickert

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