Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Orphan rescue

Last week my mom and Heidi went out for a walk...and came home with this adorable baby Canada goose!  His parents had abandoned him, and he was frantically chasing a couple geese around the pond, thinking they were mom and dad.  But they flew off, and when the little gosling couldn't follow, Heidi and mom said his panicked little squeaks were just heart-rending.  So they brought him home.  He's been living quite happily here for the past week, hanging out with the baby chicks, eating chick food with them and sometimes sitting in his water bowl.  He's pretty snuggly too.  He likes my hair...must think it's feathers...hehe.  :P


He wasn't easy to photograph -- for such a little thing, he sure can get around on those little webbed feet!

We'll take him back to the pond when he's old enough to fend for himself. Meanwhile...it's pretty cute to have this little squeaky morsel of fuzziness living with us!

- Kelsey Schweickert

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  1. aww, he's so adorable! the pictures are grand. I can imagine him being not easy to photograph, but you did splendid, Kelsey!! =)

  2. AWWWWW.
    That would be an "AWWWW" where your voice goes up at the end like you just saw a cute little baby goosie.

  3. oh so cute! :) I love the pictures - especially the one of him running with his wings out! :)