Friday, April 30, 2010

More pretty blue stuff.

You know that blue teapot photo I posted a few days ago? Well, it has a cousin on the patio: a blue-glazed terra cotta pot. And it's full of—you guessed it—PANSIES!

If you know my mom, you know she has a thing for pansies. I kinda do too. Who wouldn't love a flower that comes in every color of the rainbow, and looks like a bunch of smiling little faces looking up at you?

And here's a pretty green thing for you too.  :)  This is the vase she keeps hanging by the front door...always filled with something from the garden.  Today it's elegant calla lilies.

Tomorrow's post is something I've been mulling since God popped it into my head a week ago.  Short but very sweet.  And I think you'll agree it pretty much guarantees happiness in whatever situation you find yourself.
Till tomorrow, friends...
- Kelsey Schweickert
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1 comment:

  1. OH! I LOVE that vase by the front door. So ingenuitive and creative; I love it! Mason jars have some kind of nostalgic and country feel to them. =)

    and the blue terra cotta? so cheery!