Tuesday, April 27, 2010

poppy portrait

Very red.  Very, very red.  And very pretty.

Heavenly photos tomorrow!  ;)

- Kelsey Schweickert

Discovering beauty...

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  1. very gorgeous...oh my goodness, these pictures are just delightful! My Heavenly Father's creation is always so amazing, always so new and fresh. =)

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  3. Hey Kelsey, love getting creative ideas from your blog! You have an amazing talent for getting gorgeous shots.

    Like the new header as well, very cool. Did Briton take that?

  4. So true, Ruth Ann! I love how His creation is always changing...makes a photographer's job so much more interesting!

    Thanks, Jack! Yes, Britton took the shot I used in the header. (I did the editing though...hehe!) He's having a grand time with his new 50mm lens too!

  5. ~ah, lov'n it. The brightness of red is def. one of God's beauties! It's the color that washed away our sins. Red. it stands for so very much. Reminds us of God promises. Ah, yes, very, VERY red and very beautiful.~